Sunday, August 13, 2006

More Red Dragon

This is how my first experiment with printing the woodcut onto a digital printout came out. Dont forget you can click on the images in this blog to view them enlarged. I scanned a 1"x1" peice of a drip painting and enlarged it to 12"x12". I went to Kinkos and had them printed with a plotter; a couple of grayscale and a couple of full color. I used the full color as a roadmap for the chine colle in my previous posting. I used a grayscale printout as a roadmap for carving the woodcut. I then inked the woodcut block with brick red ink and printed it on white mulberry paper, green drawing paper and onto one of the full color digital printouts. I really like the looks of the block printed onto the digital printout. I think I will do an edition of these. I just have to decide if I will do 25 or 50. The nice thing is that I don't have to do them all at once (plotter printouts are $10 a square foot). I can do a few as I need them. I think I may also want to print a layer of clear acrylic gel medium over the printout before I print with oily ink on top of it. I'm not sure if these papers are archival, but acrylic medium neutralizes ph and will provide a barrier between the paper and the oil based ink. Oil based mediums can deteriorate even good paper but a buffer of acrylic will protect the paper. I am very pleased with how this one came out! ~ PPC ~

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Red Dragon Surfing Chine Colle

This is a 12x12" chine colle I made using the 1x1" clip from a color drip painting. Chine colle is a form of printmaking where peices of paper are fused together by running them through a printing press (with watered down acid free pva glue providing extra adhesion). I've also carved a woodblock that I plan to print over this. I plan on experimenting with different colors of ink till I find the one color I want to use. I want it to be cohesive with the chine colled papers and yet be distinctive. How do I experiment with a one of a kind you ask...well I've printed a scan of the image several times on a color plotter. I've printed the block on top of the digital printout...which will become another type of print edition. I've also printed the block on top of a digital printout of the 1x1" clipping. The size of the image on the printouts and the block are 12x12" I suspect the most successful color for the block printed portion will be a chromatic gray of burgandy, navy and gold. We'll see...PPC

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Studio Maintenance

Well it’s that time of year, the annual studio sweep; gotta do it a little earlier this year. One because it’s getting difficult to find anything.. two because my son is visiting in September and three because the new school semester starts in September and most of all because I have to get my year of the dog postcards printed so I can return Carol’s etching press to her.; which will make room for the fall semester’s class projects (though it would be nice to have a press for my next class it’s not necessary).

I’m kind of excited about organizing my studio this year. I actually spent some $$$ on storage tools, I say tools because they do more than simply house stuff. I found some neat gadgets at a crafter’s chain store (Michael’s) that promise to be really handy.

One of the items is a rolling kitchen cart with 3 baskets on drawer glides. I like this because I can put project stuff in it and roll it around from studio to kitchen sink to proofing press to the deck to the couch to home office and back into the studio. I’ll use this for projects in progress, the cart has a table top to work on, and the drawers will be nice to organize project materials and tools right at hand, no matter what room I’m working in. I actually bought this item at Target, pretty reasonably priced too.

The coolest item from Michaels is a Paper Tote. Man is this awesome! It’s made for scrapbookers but it can be used for any craft or art that is paper based. It is this compact little suitcase on wheels that closed is about 20 x 19 x 15”. But when you open it the amazing thing is that it pops up to bout (my) waist high and there you will see the how handy it is when you see the large shelves for storing paper and a top shelf that doubles as a table top. For next semester I’m going to use to house decorative papers for class. But left open it could be used to dry prints!

The other item I purchased is another wheeled tote that is about the same size as the above item. It has all these amazing attachments that Velcro into the thing that store supplies, little pouches, brush/pencil/cutting tool organizers and a multitude of pockets with more removable pouches Velcroed into every nook, cranny and pocket in the thing. This is great for storing stuff and having it not rattle and mingle all over the place during travel. Honestly I had to get two, one for my woodblock carving and bookarts tools and the other for my plein air painting and drawing tools (the one for drawing has vertical pocket that will be handy for separating small wet paintings). The wheels and telescoping handle are sturdy enough that I can bungie my stool and field easal to it then roll all in one into rough terrain. Gasp! Now I have no excuse for not painting outdoors…oh yeah--wait a minute--who has time with a full time day job and masters studies…whew I have a reasonable excuse.

Well enough typing for today; I’ve real work to do…I’ll be back when I think I might have something to say. PPC