Sunday, August 13, 2006

More Red Dragon

This is how my first experiment with printing the woodcut onto a digital printout came out. Dont forget you can click on the images in this blog to view them enlarged. I scanned a 1"x1" peice of a drip painting and enlarged it to 12"x12". I went to Kinkos and had them printed with a plotter; a couple of grayscale and a couple of full color. I used the full color as a roadmap for the chine colle in my previous posting. I used a grayscale printout as a roadmap for carving the woodcut. I then inked the woodcut block with brick red ink and printed it on white mulberry paper, green drawing paper and onto one of the full color digital printouts. I really like the looks of the block printed onto the digital printout. I think I will do an edition of these. I just have to decide if I will do 25 or 50. The nice thing is that I don't have to do them all at once (plotter printouts are $10 a square foot). I can do a few as I need them. I think I may also want to print a layer of clear acrylic gel medium over the printout before I print with oily ink on top of it. I'm not sure if these papers are archival, but acrylic medium neutralizes ph and will provide a barrier between the paper and the oil based ink. Oil based mediums can deteriorate even good paper but a buffer of acrylic will protect the paper. I am very pleased with how this one came out! ~ PPC ~
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