Thursday, August 03, 2006

Red Dragon Surfing Chine Colle

This is a 12x12" chine colle I made using the 1x1" clip from a color drip painting. Chine colle is a form of printmaking where peices of paper are fused together by running them through a printing press (with watered down acid free pva glue providing extra adhesion). I've also carved a woodblock that I plan to print over this. I plan on experimenting with different colors of ink till I find the one color I want to use. I want it to be cohesive with the chine colled papers and yet be distinctive. How do I experiment with a one of a kind you ask...well I've printed a scan of the image several times on a color plotter. I've printed the block on top of the digital printout...which will become another type of print edition. I've also printed the block on top of a digital printout of the 1x1" clipping. The size of the image on the printouts and the block are 12x12" I suspect the most successful color for the block printed portion will be a chromatic gray of burgandy, navy and gold. We'll see...PPC

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