Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some Projects and an Event

Here are some art projects I did this past week. I will also be posting pictures throughout the week from an art event I participated in last week for Dia de los Muertos. Since I can only post a five pics at a time I will stretch the pics out over several blog entries. This event was an exhibit of art installations and artworks in the theme of the Day of the Dead...but that will come later. Today I will post a nude drawn with charcoal, conte and grease pencil on a collage and a little book I made for my bookarts class. I will show the cover of the book, a couple of inner spreads and a distance shot of the book opened up. It's not perfect, there are bugs to be worked out, but it's not bad for my first attempt to make a 3-D book.


printmakerdoug said...

Great attempt at a 3d book. I recently did one that I'm not ready to show, and now I see how one really should be done!

Phare-Camp said...

Oh that was just one way...there are so many ways to make a book, why a stump can be made into a 3-d book, if you don't put it in the fireplace ;^) ~Patti