Monday, January 15, 2007

and so i just finished this assignment. had to write about some times i was made to feel like "other." so i started typing and all this stuff just came pouring outta me. and the more i typed the more depressed and angry i got. i mean i realize that the kids in the class who come from the dominant culture need to hear/read this stuff but for me who lived it...i just want to forgive and get past it. also there is a lot of stuff that historically we should never forget least we repeat the mistakes (as late as the '80s some ancient old executive could crudely proposition you in front of all your coworkers and get away with it legally]) (and they could grope at you and fire you for complaining about it)

Thankfully the last question was asked how we resolved it and crossed boundries. I could remember that I:

Disarmed them with humor. i.e. when someone calls me white I purr, "I'm not white I was drawn that way."

Forgave them. Because I know human beings who are crippled by holding on to their anger and resentment.

Made Friends: I volunteered for cultural community groups making friends with people from cultural backgrounds different from my own.

Empowered Others: I would teach leaders of some of my non-profit lower fee clients to do what I do so they could eventually do the work themselves and redirect the money back into the community.

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