Sunday, February 18, 2007

Daffodil Monotype

Well I tried a handpulled monotype with these daffodils. I have an assignment in my Monoprint & Relief Printing class to pull a multidrop monotype where we put some colors on a plate, hand burnish it onto paper, add more colors onto the plate then with careful registration hand burnish onto the previous sheet of paper. I thought I would do a small (9x12") version of these daffodils before I did the larger more complex ideas I had proposed for this assignment. In this class we are using etching inks that have been thinned with linseed oil. 1-I don't care to use etching inks for this and 2-hand burnishing for monotype is a lame waste of time, medium and paper! I leave behind more ink on the plate than gets onto the paper; unless I overmix linseed oil into the inks then it bleeds into the sir I don't care for hand burnishing monoprints. Give me a press or let me just do woodcuts! Which leads to the next project using these daffodils...

Next week we will be doing a linocut. I think the daffy dilly drawing in the previous posting will be perfect for a linocut! ~PPC

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simona said...

I will miss Carol very much too. I've been waiting to hear from Rachael whether a memorial is planned. I'll call her right now. Please call me. Simona 428-6650