Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Here is my silkscreen of those daffodil buds. I found there were a lot of bubbles in the ink screened onto the paper. The instructor thinks it's because I didn't apply enough pressure onto the squeegee while printing. I think this may be because I was using a 9" plastic speedball squeegee. I found the rubber edge was too thin and would bend when I applied pressure. I will order a better quality 10" squeegee for doing smaller works in the future. In the meantime the next assignment may be a larger print so I will use the better quality 14" squeegee I bought, the rubber edge is thicker and will be less likely to bend under pressure.

Next I will transfer the newer daffodil drawing to a lino block for a linocut in my Relief & Monoprint class. I will also need to think about what I will do next in my silkscreen class, we will be doing screens with photo emulsion next. I wonder how random splatters on 3 masters will work when over printed onto paper...

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