Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Daffodils

Here is a pencil sketch of some daffodils that were beaten down during a rainstorm. I cut them and put them in my favorite golden end of the day glass bud vase (given to me several years ago by my sister) and cut some onion stalks for wispy greenery.

I was working on an exercise in a book titled "Drawing as a Sacred Activity." I bought the book because I was feeling a little dry inspirationally and thought the exercises might get the creative juices flowing. This exercise was to draw something that represented "vertical attributes" I felt I was lacking. This is as a prayer to try and manifest those attributes into my life.

These daffodils were so droopy when I put them in the vase that their heads were pointed to the ground. I admire the way these daffodils sprung to life, straightened up and appear to be trumpeting to the heavens. I think this demonstrates vertical attributes of vitality and ability to spring back from adversity; attributes I feel lacking since the loss of my mother in August and would like to bring back into my daily life and art making. Mom would have loved the vibrant yellow and glowing energy of these flowers as well since her favorite color (like mine) was yellow.

I plan to do a small color monotype of this and later use this sketch for a lino cut assignment I have coming up in one of my printmaking classes ~PPC~


Annie B said...

How come you get to have daffodils already??! Enjoying watching you explore this one image.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie: I gets to have daffydils already acuz I lives in Californy! I'm in Northern California where we do have winter but it doesn't last long. Of course the trade off is long hot and dry summers and soz I cant grow one of my favorite water lovers; lily of the valley. And it's really hard to fill shady areas as there are very few drought tolerant shade lovers...Patti