Friday, March 09, 2007

Abstract Woodcut Print

Here are some progress pics of the abstract woodcut. I actually finished it last night but I will save the photo of the finished print for a later blog as my camera battery died mid shoot...

Wednesday I printed Magenta, Red and Blue. I apologize for how fuzzy the blue image of the woodcut is, I was pretty tired at this stage--it was 2am and I'd been printing and carving since getting home from work at 6pm. The Cyan image is also somewhat fuzzy. My only excuse is that yesterday when I printed it at around 8pm; I was starting to get loopy from working 8 hour days and then carving and printing until the wee hours of the morning...several days of 5-6 hours of sleep in a row have taken their toll!

I hope you enjoy the progression of this 12"x12" reduction woodcut...Patti P-C

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