Friday, April 13, 2007

Iraq Exchange Proof-Exchangers-stay away if you don't want to spoil the surprise!

Here is the keyline plate in progress and then a proof. The proof was printed on acetate to transfer easily to my other blocks.

As always click on image to see a larger view.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Daffodils, Skeletons and Tanks...

Here is my previous project for my silkscreen class. Nora's Daffodils have been completed for several weeks, I just felt more like remembering Carol than posting my artwork. There will be more remembrances of Carol through out the year, but I want to get back to the artmaking...

Remember, as always you can click on an image to enlarge it.

The next image is a collage I threw together for my next project. I'm combining my print for the Iraq Print (an exchange with some artists) and the next project in my relief printing class. The 9x12" assignment calls for drama, symbolism and a blend. The duststorm represents doubt and uncertainty, the tank fear and danger and the wagon represents the vulnerablilty of childhood. We are all vulnerable children in the monstrous face of any war. There have been so many unanswered questions regarding our leaders' political intentions that we Americans have been in a surreal cloud of confusion about what to think and who to trust. As a country we have been divided by those who question what's going on and those who question nothing out leaders do...some of us are just frustrated with a government that thinks nothing of sacrificing our children to this political quagmire while their own remain safe at home in ivory towers...

This last collage is for the next project in my silkscreen class. This assignment calls for a 10" x 12" print done in 8 runs, one of the runs must involve a blend and one of the runs must involve a vegetable oil stencil and one of the runs must involve a photo halftone. There must also be an element of symbolism in this project. (I think these classes sometimes follow a formula). Well this project is just rife with symbolism...but the main theme is transcendence and the title is "The Traveler."