Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Magus

these two images are my compositional ideas for the woodblocks I will be carving for the Magician cards. I like the composition of the magician juggling the implements of his craft.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

IF: Superstition and Inspire Thursday: Ghost

La Llorona, The Weeping Woman mourns eternally for in a moment of madness she drowned her poor babies and upon realizing what she had done ran screaming back to the river to join them.

...children, hurry home before dark and kiss your mammas who love you. If you should hear the wailing --"¿donde estan mis hijos?" (where are my children?) -- run, run home quickly for if you tarry under the full moon she may clasp you to her breast and then you will see her empty eyes leaking tears of blood. And then if you don't die from fear then you will die when she takes you with her -- back to her watery grave.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Little Bit of What I've Been Up To...

So I've started the planning for my MFA project. I've ordered and recieved the paper. And I've decided on the packaging. Rather than make clamshell boxes I've found a source for tin boxes with a window in the top. I think a tin box will be better protection and a cleaner presentation than a handmade cloth and chipboard box. They are a perfect size for a full deck and there is enough space to line the bottom part of the box with cloth. I'm thinking of periwinkle; either silk or velvet.

I did some digital collages for the Fool card and I'm presently mulling over the Magician. One will be transfered to 4 - 4x6" blocks. I'll carve the blocks, 1 keyline & 3 color, then print them hanga style.

I also designed the image for the back of the cards. I did a few digital tessellations of bees. I like the hexagonal one with the periwinkle background the best. I'm thinking of having an aquatint intaglio plate made for this. I will have the black parts etched into a 9x12" plate with the 4x6" image repeated 4 times I can print 4 cards at once with. I will use Akua water based intaglio inks. I'll apply the black ink into the etched areas, wipe the plate then roll periwinkle ink over the plate then print it. I'll drop in the yellow with a hand made block.