Sunday, January 27, 2008

IF: Tales and Legends

The theme for "Illustration Friday" ( this week is "Tales and Legends." I did this woodcut print in the early 1990's. I think it meets this week's challenge quite well.

It's titled Metamorphosis and is an illustration of Franz Kafka's short Gothic tale of the same title. In Kafka's Metamophosis the protagonist awakes to find that he's turned into a beetle in his sleep. Here my intention was to illustrate the transition between man and insect.

You can read the e-book free here:

Around the same time in my life I also illustrated Stephen King's IT in woodcut...
This one is titled "Beep, beep, Ritchie!"

Friday, January 18, 2008

IF: Plain

I did this little mixed media artwork in response to this weeks Illustration Friday topic "Plain." Working from a pair of photographs taken of my son and grandson playing in the snow I placed the image of the two of them within the large white plain of snow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Website and Esty

I've updated my website: . There's a lot more artwork posted within and a lot of it is newer work. I also have links to my on-line store in the website. Have any of you set up an e-commerce site? My gosh! It is a lot of work--so I apologize that not all my work is uploaded to the shopping cart but the process to upload photos, pricing and other information is very time consuming. I will just have to post a few items each evening as I relax in front of the TV. It will take some time but eventually I will get a large chunk of the artworks uploaded to the on-line store for easy the meantime if something you want is not in the catalog site just send me an email and I'll upload it to my new ETSY shop...

Yep, I bit the bullet and set up shop at ETSY ( . I've heard a lot of good about selling artwork through ETSY that I though I would give it a try. It only costs a few dollars to list several items so it's not a terribly expensive test. We'll see how it goes... It is soooooo much easier than setting up shop in an e-commerce providers shopping cart site. Of course listings at ETSY are up for only a month and listings at my e-commerce site are up until they sell or I remove them, whichever happens first.

Oh yeah there are also items available at the online Absolute Arts gallery too (

Please let me know what you think of my website and I certainly welcome advice, ideas and other tips for improvement!


Monday, January 14, 2008

A Mixed Media Quilt Print

This Illustration Friday topic is "Stitch."

This first block printed work fits the theme perfectly.

I printed several relief blocks on various types, textures, colors and sizes of paper. I then adhered (chine colle) thin colored mulberry papers on top of some of the printed shapes; hand burnishing so that the papers fused. I also used stencils (a la poupee) to roll ink onto other areas of the prints. Then I arranged and adhered the prints onto a 22x30" sheet of Arches Watercolor paper. As a final touch I adhered green embroidery like stitching along the edges of the papers.

I did a few more of these print by arranging the inked blocks onto a table surface then laying a full sheet (22x30") of arches watercolor paper on top and burnishing with my wonderful ball bearing baren. Then I adhered thin colored mulberry paper shapes to some areas and stencil printed others.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pledge to Cut Hair on Mom's Birthday

I've made the pledge to cut my hair to donate for wigs made for adult cancer survivors. I set a cut date of July 27, 2008 to honor my mother who succumbed to lung cancer. I also do this to honor friends and family members who have survived battles with cancer.

Hopefully by July 27th the shortest layers (8") will have caught up significantly with the longest layers (14")

I'll be donating the hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths (