Monday, January 14, 2008

A Mixed Media Quilt Print

This Illustration Friday topic is "Stitch."

This first block printed work fits the theme perfectly.

I printed several relief blocks on various types, textures, colors and sizes of paper. I then adhered (chine colle) thin colored mulberry papers on top of some of the printed shapes; hand burnishing so that the papers fused. I also used stencils (a la poupee) to roll ink onto other areas of the prints. Then I arranged and adhered the prints onto a 22x30" sheet of Arches Watercolor paper. As a final touch I adhered green embroidery like stitching along the edges of the papers.

I did a few more of these print by arranging the inked blocks onto a table surface then laying a full sheet (22x30") of arches watercolor paper on top and burnishing with my wonderful ball bearing baren. Then I adhered thin colored mulberry paper shapes to some areas and stencil printed others.


curlyillustrator said...

What great detail! I love the swirls. Wonderful job!

Paper Pictures said...

Great art. I like the parts breaking out of the borders in the last image. They are really pretty prints.