Friday, February 01, 2008

Year of the Dog, Boar and Rat: Bareners beware, may ruin the surprise

I have finally finished the Year of cards that I have been grossly behind on for the past couple of years. I wont go into the details of the emotionally crippling life events that interfered with the completion of these works. Suffice it to say that they are now done and last week completed unfinished business. I am now back into an artmaking groove of my own! Remember, as always you may click on an image to see it enlarged. Simply use your browser's back button to get back to this page afterward.

Hand colored un-editioned block print of my golden retriever Keya. 4" x 6"

There was this one summer where each morning as I watered the veggies I,d note which tomatoes would be ready in time for dinner. I'd go to work & return to find all the ripe tomatoes gone. I told hubby I thought someone was stealing my tomatoes so he came home early from work to investigate. As he stepped on the deck he noticed Keya running away and shaking her head violently. Worried he ran over to discover she had a tale tell tomato hooked to her fang, Shewas trying to shake off the evidence before he discovered her thievery! I'd have never suspected as she was arthritic and I didn't think she could cross the two foot fence around the garden. Only goes to show that pain is no barrier to a juicy tomato at the perfect peak of ripeness! Keya left us later that year and I remembered our love for her in our hand printed holiday card.

The Year of the Boar cards were influenced by a Lucite work of art by Brazilian artist Abraham Palatnik, the first Brazilian artist to explore the creative use of technology in art. See more info on the great artist here:

The Year of the Rat Cards for 2008 are influenced by photographs and articles about giant rats in Africa that are being used to sniff out mines. see the Washington Times article here:

For more info see the site of the organization that does this work, they do accept donations:

All of these works are available for purchase in my Etsy site:


Annie B said...

beautiful print of your golden keya. And what an amazing story behind the rat. You're cranking!

Annie B said...

The Year of the Boar print is even greater in real life! Thanks, Patti.

Gabriela Irigoyen said...

Patricia, what a great blog! Nice surprise to find someone inspired on Brazilian artist Abraham Palatnik, he is one of may favorites too! Loved the Year of The Rat cards! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

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