Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Card Designs & Some Carved Keylines

I got the keylines carved for the Fool and for the Magus.

I'll be printing them to thin paper that will be glued to other blocks of wood to carve the color blocks for the cards.

I have two new card designs one for the High Priestess

and one for the Empress.

I'm currently researching the Emperor and the Hierophant for the next pair of cards to design.

Just Trying to Make a Living

Well not much time left, but I did post several of my works to ebay. the starting auction prices are a bit below the website prices so if someone acts now they may get a nice work cheap...The following works have only 11 hours left till they close; click on the picture to navigate to it's ebay listing:

The following prints have a few more days left in auction; click the image to navigate to its ebay listing:

I don't think I get how to work in ebay very well. I've posted a few items before and they didn't even get looked at. I guess the only way to succeed in ebay is to pay a fortune for all the extra marketing tools. I know when I go to ebay and search for artworks the only listings I get are on line galleries and never any listings for self representing artists. I suppose I'll give it a few more shots over the next few month but if nothing comes of it I wont list with them again (except for the montly NFAC contest [I'll alert the blog when next month's contest is in action]).

It's expensive ($2.35 per listing) just to list with ebay unless you price ridiculously low (bidding starting at 99 cents for a penny) so far there has been no return on my spending. I've sold nothing and it's cost me a lota big macs...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Conversations With Liberty

Dr. Atl waxes philosophic with Lady Liberty in the Library of the Americas.

18 x 24" monoprint silkscreen on Stonehenge, tag board and other various fine art printmaking papers. Prints on tag board will be ph neutralized and sealed with clear acrylic spray.

This print is a postmortem collaboration between my late mentor Carol Wagner and me. Carol had given me the positive on mylar to take home with me and said when she was feeling better she would come over and the two of us would make some silkscreens from it. She never did feel better, a few weeks later she left us for the grand adventure.

Bareners know her as Sacramento Carol

I went ahead and created a screen with Carol's positive and printed over my own abstract silkscreen monoprints. In the first run I did 20 of these to give away to family and friends of Carol at a one year remembrance.

This is an open edition print. I will print until this screen falls apart, and then I will use the positive to make a new one... Any proceeds from any sales of any of these prints will always go to charities that reflect Carol's philosophies. If you're interested you may purchase one of these prints at my Etsy shop: Phare-Camp Fine Art (

March is the 1st anniversary of Carol's passing and to honor her on this spring equinox I am offering one of these prints for sale. All proceeds from sale of this print will go to Carol's favorite charity The Maitreya Project school.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AKUA inks to Unload and Bee Tessellation Update

Well it's been an interesting month. I couldn't get the plates from Owosso to register. I finally called them and the technician said he was surprised I was able to get close since the plates weren't cut square. They redid the plates at no charge... well the new plates are cut square, cut square to the color separations so I still have to finagle the plates to get them close. Thats it they are close, not perfect, I align the yellow plate by the center line and the black and violet plates to the edge. The violet plate is off but at least it's not as off as the last set so I will live with them BUT if I had just done these plates myself they would have registered.

I tried Akua Intaglio Inks for the first time with this project. I hate them. In fact I hate them so much that I'm offering them for sale on my if you like Akua Waterbased Intaglio Inks and are interested in buying them at a real bargain click the following link:

Janice was wondering about the way I used magnets to register. Janice I've done this technique for years and when you have properly burned plates the magnet technique will give you excellent registration. I've attached some pics of my registration technique so you could see for yourself. BTW I learned this technique from Linda Katzdorn when she was teaching printmaking at University of California, Davis.