Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just Trying to Make a Living

Well not much time left, but I did post several of my works to ebay. the starting auction prices are a bit below the website prices so if someone acts now they may get a nice work cheap...The following works have only 11 hours left till they close; click on the picture to navigate to it's ebay listing:

The following prints have a few more days left in auction; click the image to navigate to its ebay listing:

I don't think I get how to work in ebay very well. I've posted a few items before and they didn't even get looked at. I guess the only way to succeed in ebay is to pay a fortune for all the extra marketing tools. I know when I go to ebay and search for artworks the only listings I get are on line galleries and never any listings for self representing artists. I suppose I'll give it a few more shots over the next few month but if nothing comes of it I wont list with them again (except for the montly NFAC contest [I'll alert the blog when next month's contest is in action]).

It's expensive ($2.35 per listing) just to list with ebay unless you price ridiculously low (bidding starting at 99 cents for a penny) so far there has been no return on my spending. I've sold nothing and it's cost me a lota big macs...

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