Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Card Designs & Some Carved Keylines

I got the keylines carved for the Fool and for the Magus.

I'll be printing them to thin paper that will be glued to other blocks of wood to carve the color blocks for the cards.

I have two new card designs one for the High Priestess

and one for the Empress.

I'm currently researching the Emperor and the Hierophant for the next pair of cards to design.


Ellen Shipley said...

Hi Patti,

I'm enjoying this project of yours. So you design the cards on the computer and then carve them. Amazing process. It would be very interesting to see a master book (if you'll excuse the pun) of the whole process.

Why only 10 sets? Or do you normally do small editions?

All very interesting. 8-]


Phare-Camp said...

I want to get 22 cards of the major arcana done before the end of 2009. Keeping the 1st edition small will help to keep my masters project manageable/doable. I can do other editions later using different papers and ink colors. For this masters project I'm using a handmade 4x6 inch heavy paper. This is a fair trade paper made using 100% recycled cotton rags by women in India. I bought 78 packages of 20 sheets for this first edition in order to have plenty of paper for testing and overruns. Large overruns will be necessary in order to assure being able to have consistent symmetry throughout each edition. 78 packages of this paper cost me nearly $400. So committing to 10 editions is also more financially manageable and since I'm out of work right now that is barely doable...

Phare-Camp said...

Of course this means that there will be many rejects in the overruns...perhaps to be used as future uneditioned (unnumbered) gifts and/or sales