Monday, May 05, 2008

Some New Tarot Designs

I'm now carving the color blocks for the Fool and the Magus. I'm wrapping up the carving of the priestess keyline block and getting ready to start the Empress keyline block.

I tested printing just the yellow and periwinkle from my jet printer onto the paper I'm using for the cards. The card on the right is photo paper the card on the left is the paper I will be using for the cards. It's 100% cotton fair trade paper from India. When I've carved the black keyline block I will test printing it atop these digital printouts using acrylic paint. I will then print acrylic matte medium using a blank block to protect the surface.

This is my new design for the Emperor card; when you compare him to the Empress you will find that they are facing each other.

This is one of my designs for the Hierophant

This is my other design for the Hierophant. I will have figured out which one I'll use after I've had my meeting with my project adviser tomorrow afternoon. I'm leaning toward this last one. I think it's more consistent with the other cards and the background gives more contrast for the forefront figures to show up.

So far I'm right on schedule with the design work in my masters project. I am pretty behind in the carving and printing and will have to scramble to catch up during the summer break and still design and carve the Lovers and the Chariot over the summer as well.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

IF Theme Seed : Pepita

Pepita is a handmade accordion book. When you clip the front cover to the back cover the book creates a 3d pumpkin. I thought Pepita fit in very well with this week's Illustration Friday theme.

Story of Muffin is posted in my other blog; Life Outside the Studio Window.