Monday, July 21, 2008

IF: Enough

This is my entry for Illustration Friday.
The theme this week is Enough. Enough said.

IF: Foggy - July Nights in Tennesse

I've been vacationing in Clarksville Tennessee; visiting my son Chris and his family. I had a vision for last week's Illustration Friday Theme but I lacked tools to execute it. Finally went to a store called Hobby Lobby in downtown Clarksville where I picked up a small box of some hard pastels. Anyway the image I had in my mind was what I was seeing each night last week from my Son's back porch. It was a treat to watch the moon fill out and light up the mist hanging above a distant meadow. It was a perfect Illustration Friday for the theme Foggy. My original idea was to make this as a collage in various papers but since my supplies were limited I decided to get my vision down on paper and perhaps when I'm back home in my studio with my multitude of paper scraps I'll make a collage of this vision in torn mulberry papers and tissue.

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INDIGENE said...

Two beautiful illustrations! Seems like it was peaceful. Lovely illustrations.