Thursday, August 21, 2008

I may need to draw a new avatar...

Fuzzy Ponytail GONE!

Well I finally did it. I cut off the hair and sent it into
Pantene Beautiful Lengths so it can be used toward making a wig for an adult woman going through chemotherapy.

I had originally committed to cutting it on the 27th of July as a tribute to the memory of my mother. Lung cancer took Mom in 2006, July 27 was her birthday. Well I got around to it late. I was out of town on the 27th of July so I waited until I got home to get the hair cut.

I chose Pantene Beautiful Lengths because they only ask for 8 inches of hair as opposed to other charities that demand 12 inches. Also I like that they give the wigs to adult women. There are plenty of charities that give natural hair wigs to children but not so many that give natural hair wigs to adult women.

Well that extra few weeks wait to do the cut must have made a difference because the entire ponytail was pretty darned close if not 12 inches.

Both pink shirt photos on the right show my hair in 2006 shortly after Mom's passing. The red shirt photos on the left show the new do with the one on top showing the donated ponytail.

Eight months ago when I made the commitment to cut the hair it was several inches longer but still layered (see the 1/3/2008
posting: Pledge to Cut Hair on Mom's Birthday).

For more info on Pantene Beautiful Lengths go to:

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Annie B said...

You look beautiful.