Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NFAC: A Dog's Life - contest submission

NFAC: Gracie & Austin an Original Etching by Phare-Camp Opening Bid 99 cents

This print is my entry in the eBay Nibblefest Art Contest, a themed art contest beginning on the 20th of each month. The theme for the month of August is "A Dog's Life." The winner of each month's contest is the work that recieves the highest number of bids.

This image size of this etching is approximately 4x6" on fine art printing paper that is approximately 6.75 x 9.75"

The subject of this etching is from a photo of of my grandson Austin standing in a field of wildflowers hugging my sister's dog; a mini Aussie Gracie.

This signed print is also marked A/P which indicates it's an Artist's Proof. In this case since I hand pull my prints it's a working proof that has few if any variations from the numbered edition prints.

In addition to this print I submitted 4 more works that feature dogs. A color version of this one, another dog etching with a boy and a color version of it and one of my Year of the Dog cards for 2006

Gracie & Austin a Mixed Media Etching by Phare-Camp

opening bid $25.00

Four color mixed media print edition of 75: The black line work is intaglio (etching)and the color fields are block printed.

An original print of a boy and dog by Patricia B. Phare-Camp

This is a print of the artist's grandson Austin being kissed by Gracie, her sister's little miniature Australian Shepard, in a field of Texas wildflowers.

Honey I Think One of the Neighbors is Stealing My Tomatoes Opening bid 99 cents

Hand colored open-editioned block print of my golden retriever Keya. 4" x 6"

There was this one summer where each morning as I watered the veggies I'd note which tomatoes would be ready in time for dinner. I'd go to work & return to find all the ripe tomatoes gone. I told hubby I thought someone was stealing my tomatoes so he came home early from work to investigate. As he stepped on the deck he noticed Keya running away and shaking her head violently. Worried he ran over to discover she had a tale tell tomato hooked to her fang, She was trying to shake off the evidence before he discovered her thievery! I'd have never suspected as she was arthritic and I didn't think she could cross the two foot fence around the garden. Only goes to show that pain is no barrier to a juicy tomato at the perfect peak of ripeness! Keya left us later that year and I remembered our love for her in our hand printed holiday card.

Chris & Keya; Original Dog & Boy Etching by Phare-Camp

Opening bid 99 cents

Black and white etching. 4x6" on laid print making paper. edition of 100

This is a print of my son Chris when he was 12. He and his fuzzy friend Keya were cooling off in the shade of an old mulberry tree after a rousing game of soccer.

Years later Keya left the planet a week after her boy Chris left home for basic training in the Army.

Chris & Keya; Hand Colored Dog & Boy Etching by Phare-Camp Opening bid $25.00

Mixed media print:

intaglio/etching & monoprint

4x6 edition 25

In this edition I scrape the intaglio ink into etched lines of my printing plate. After wiping the plate clean of most of the ink I hand paint ink thinned with linseed oil onto the un-etched areas of the plate. I then print the hand colored plate through the press to transfer the whole onto a sheet of print making paper.

This is a great opportunity to collect some of my animal prints at a great price and help save the environment at the same time. All of these prints were created using non-toxic printmaking technology and 20% of the sales for these items will go directly to Ducks Unlimited a non-profit wetlands conservation organization.

Please be sure to search eBay for NFAC to see more great entries from many other artists, each starting at just $0.99."


Annie B said...

I really like the etching with block print colors. Nice effect.

Phare-Camp said...

thanks Annie:

I really like that one because its of my grandson!