Friday, November 14, 2008

The Chariot

I've reached a somewhat finished point with the chariot design. I'm still not quite pleased with it; I feel like I've left something out, can't quite put my finger on it...oh well, I'm sure if I leave it alone and work on printing and carving that when I come back to the chariot whats wrong will jump right out at me. I may or may not leave the gold square on his breast...

I do realize that I need some shadows to ground the bike and the doggies, that will be hand drawn on the block, as well as warming up the highlights. Since the light source is from behind the skeleton will be mostly blue violet with peachy warm highlights just on the edges of shoulders, elbows etc. It's in my head don't need to put it in my digital sketches. I suppose I could print it out and watercolor the details...

If any of you viewers are Tarot readers please comment on what it needs for improvement. I may or may not use your advice but I will definitely appreciate it; if anything I'll grow from it!

I'll also appreciate artistic comments on improving the aesthetics and technique.

I'm proofing the fool and the magus in color with the new Graphic Chemical Water Soluble Block Printing Inks. I love them! At first I was concerned as the Lemon Yellow was really loose. I added just a touch of extender to it as the extender is super stiff, well then I couldn't get the brayer charged! So I added a drop of vehicle and it was back to the loose stuff. "Oh well" I thought and just rolled it on the block and printed it. It printed great! The pigment laid down thinly, smoothly and coverage was even. I would have never used oil based so loose on the block but it works with GC's WS. I've got just the lemon and the peacock printed so far. I'll post pics later when I've finished.

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