Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fool and Magus Color Proofs

In a previous post regarding my master's project I mentioned I was proofing the new Graphic Chemical Water Soluble inks. I love the way they handle and the color transparencies are gorgeous! I will be muting the blue and the yellow in parts of the fool using rainbow rolls and I will be amping up the blue in the Magus' tablecloth and the red in the curtain. Other than that I'm pleased with the colors
Above and below are some notes I made for my project journal. These are changes I want to make to the actual blocks. The touches of beige, brown and silver in the blocks was brushed in using stencil brushes. I think I will cut some acetate stencils just so I have a little more control on where the ink goes when I ponce it.

Above and below you can compare how the pigment dispersions handled versus the Graphic Chemical Inks. Details and lines are crisper and the cut marks are finer with the Graphic Chem inks. The Graphic Chem colors are richer and the blacks are deeper then the garish pigments.

Here we have a picture of the Empress carving in progress. Her garden has been giving me a sore elbow and numb palms so I'm going to work on the Emperor for a while. In between I will test making relief marks in wood with a woodburning tool and test print. If I like the line quality of the woodburning tool I will use it to finish the Empress' garden.

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