Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Update on the Masters

It's been a while since I blogged on about my Master's Project so here always you can see an image full size by clicking on it; use your browser's back button to return to the blog.

Color proofs of the Fool and the Magus were done. After discussion with my adviser it was decided I should stick to western techniques, using water based relief inks.

My adviser suggested Graphic Chemicals inks and a few days later my friend Rachel asked me if I wanted some Graphic Chemical water based relief inks she didn't plan to use again...

I don't care for the garishness of the pure pigment dispersions in these two proofs and I plan on eliminating some of the cut marks. For instance most of the red marks in the sky behind the Magus' curtain.

I completed the Priestess Keyline block and proofed it.

I'm mostly pleased with this keyline and will work on the color plates after I've reached my semester goal for designs and keylines. I do want to clean up the gap between the numbers at the top and give just a little more definition to the letters at the bottom; though I do like the way it weaves into the image.

As usual, I was so gungho at the beginning of the semester to get started on this work again that I wasn't paying attention and carved nearly the entire Empress plate before I realized that she wasn't

I've re-carved the keyline and am about to the same place I was when I discovered my error. Eventually I will finish carving the 1st one and varnish it as a bas relief work, and a reminder to "pay attention stupid!"

I completed design of the Lovers card and have the basic composition for the Chariot. I still want to go into it and eliminate the cacti, replacing them with skyscrapers and I want to replace the rottweiler on the left with a great Pyrenees. I also want to include some symbolism on the gas tank and an amulet on the rider's chest. Oh and of course I need to put in a number VII and the name of the card.

I have my composition for Strength in mind and have begun the research on the Hermit. Someday soon I will start posting my research on the cards. I should have started out doing so...

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