Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Master's Tarot Project Update

We have an edition of Magicians

The Emperor Keyline is printed

The Priestess Keyline is printed on paper and on blocks

The Priestess color blocks have been laid out

The Empress keyline has been printed

Strength is in the progress of being designed. I plan to make the lion larger and have him and the lady bumping forheads with her back arm over the puma's shoulder

So far I have these designs finished though lately I'm thinking about putting the silhouette of a helicopter passing in front of the Chariot's moon. This will help segue into the Hermit as I am beginning to see him and it involves a flying machine.

I also want to add that this work has begun to have effect on my personality. I wont go into details; suffice it to say that lately I walk with one foot in the light and the other in shadow...I'm beginning to realize that despite it's attitude my shadow is not so fact my shadow is a lot more fun than that do-gooder light half...

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