Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Priestess: 4 color proofs

I've hand printed proofs of the priestess. In the proof on the left I mixed a lot of transparent base into the red and blue pigments to make the colors softer. The proof on right has more "saturated" pigmentation; meaning I have a lot of pigment in the trans base making the colors richer. I like the deeper green in the tree and the deeper brown I get in the trees trunk and pot but I like the softer colors in the atmosphere of the proof on the left. I believe I will also mix up a warmer yellow for this one, that will mute the intensity of the greens and help to enrich the depth of the library behind the priestess. I will also play around with ideas to bring back the deep perspective in the library. I will create a stencil to hand color other areas of the print. For instance a silvery gray for the legs of the table and the laptop and mice, perhaps even the owl. Over all I believe I will try something my adviser suggested; print a very transparent layer of yellow ocher (an earthy yellow) over the whole. this will neutralize the pastellyness of the violets.

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