Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Master's Update 2/25/09

This is a proof of the spot color plate for the Empress. It's very transparent but still too yellow; it obscures with the chair and the ottoman.

You can see above how the the purer yellow competes with the chair and ottoman. On the left we are closer but the addition of opaque white to the yellow ink has made it too opaque and since not enough of the white of the paper shows through it's still too yellow.

The one on the right is still too opaque, the one on the left is closer but still too yellow. I still need to add a whole lot more transparent base. It needs to be near imperceptible because when it's printed on the press it will become one with the paper and intensify.

Here we have the spot color for the priestess. On the left we have a warm silver. On the right a golden brown.

The proofs are made using the proofs from before so it doesn't reflect the changes I made to the plates. In the plates I took out the black outline for the moon and removed the black lines in the library. These proofs simply let me check registration and play with color. I can see that I will want to remove the library ceiling and all but a few lines of library floor in the brown plate. and then in the library ceiling on the yellow plate I will cut away some circles of light. I think I will hand darken the end of the hallway. These little tricks should help to emphasize the perspective.

The table top in the palest version works great after spot printing the brown, but I want the green in the tree to be a little richer. I think if I make the yellow a lot more transparent the blue will blend into better. Right now the yellow is so saturated that the transparent blue overprinting cannot subdue it into a green green. But I like it softer green in the columns so I may play around with making a light blue to dark blue blend with this...we'll see.

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