Sunday, February 15, 2009

IF: Tay Tay Celebrates Sound

Tay Tay Celebrates Sound

This weeks Illustration Friday challenge is Celebrate. A think a recent photo of my 1 year old granddaughter Taylor playing drums on a popcorn tin and singing loudly to Sevendust illustrates beautifully how children celebrate sound. And so I did a little painting of it (16x20").

Abstract Painting Class

I used another photo of Taylor playing drums to create the following painting. It's for my painting class. We had to use only 4 colors that illustrate contrast using color contrast, temperature contrast and or chiaroscuro (light and dark). The four colors I used were blue, black, red orange and yellow ochre.

Oh obviously it's not Taylor...its the boots and chair legs that are to the right and behind her (see the 1st photo below). I included the original photos below. What I love is how both of these photos show her experimenting with different sounds; in the photo on the left she's hitting the sides of the can, in the photo on the right she strikes the top. Any of us who have ever beat on a can know that the sides sound different from the top...

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Valerie Lorimer said...

Very sweet! Nicely done.