Monday, February 23, 2009

Zombie Casting Call...

Different Strokes and Abstract Homework

I combined my abstract painting class homework with the new painting challenge from

Different Strokes from Different Folks

Different Strokes is an artmaking challenge similar to Illustration Friday. The blog Different Strokes is maintained by Karin Jurick.

"A bi-weekly challenge for any artist who would like to join in - I'll post one photograph every other Wednesday evening and I want you to paint or draw or etch it your way. Sorry - no digital interpretations (and that includes paintovers) after Week 1. My intentions are for you to use different mediums (in the tradition sense) and not the computer."
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in this artwork I blatantly used complimentary color schemes; red/green, orange/blue and yellow/violet. Complimentary color are color that are directly opposite or across from each other in a color wheel.

I didn't intend for this painting to have a specific focal point. I wanted it to have a chaotic pattern like effect with each manikin head competing for attention with the others.

I started this painting just as Jeff (my husband) left for the gym. He goes to work out for about 30 min - an hour then plays basketball for a couple of hours afterward. I was just cleaning my brushes as he returned. He walked in stepped behind and me and went whoa...

Which was good because I wanted it to elicit a response from its viewers. I said "scary bitches eh." He said "uh yeah." Inside I high fived myself because Jeff is my greatest critic, if I made him feel what I wanted my viewers to feel it means I nailed it...if I hadn't nailed it he would have immediately let me know it sucked. Or if he didn't understand it he would have immediately let me know it sucked...

I think of it as a Rob Zombie casting call...or a goth convention. I was trying for a creepy starlet/super model effect, like they would gladly suck your brains out then purge... I also wanted each to have her own element of individual attitude.

The reference photo below was taken by Karin Jurick, moderator of the blog

Different Strokes from Different Folks

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