Wednesday, April 15, 2009

As the Emperor Turns

Almost finished editioning the emperor. Glad I broke off on the last steps when I did, I find that i'm getting too dense of cut marks on the keyline (black) block. I'm going to need to wipe the plate in some areas before I print it. I like to incorporate cut marks and I like the marks on the slightly lighter plates, I may cut some of the cut marks out or just wipe lightly so that I get blendy cut cut marks.

I will also need to go into some of the cards after they dry and lightly brush in some yellow on the turtle. My press kept loosening on one side, the side closest to me so it was easy to readjust, but the gauge didn't move so I couldn't tell the pressure was too light on the turtle side until I pulled the print.

When the pressure is adjusted just right there is a very slight resistance when it hits the beginning edge of the plate and it gives a very slight jump when the roller goes of the edge of the plate. This will still happen if one side has enough pressure but the other side doesn't so there was no way for me to tell when the odd side had loosened.

I think I'll have hubby Jeff break it down and give it a little maintenance when I've finished this edition of emperors. Since I have a lot of carving yet to do on the Hierophant I wont need the press for a week or two.

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