Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Was Interviewed by Printsy.blogspot.com!

A couple of paintings, the first is an underpainting using a photo by Karin Jurick at Different Strokes. I'm doing it for one of finals in the abstract composition class. bear in mind this is an underpainting and it will change significanty before I am done... the othe is a male nude for this week's homework assignment in the abstract composition class. Yes it is done and it actually started out as a rendering and became abstract as I deconstructed it...

Hey - cool news, I was interviewed for the Blog

Printsy: Printmakers of Etsy


this blog is for printmakers who sell their works at Etsy.com (a sight dedicated to handmade and vintage merchandise).

Here is a static link to that interview of ME!

Printsy Interview - Patricia Phare-Camp (http://printsy.blogspot.com/2009/04/printsy-interview-patricia-phare-camp.html)

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