Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hierophant Green Keyline

We have the first keyline for the hierophant. I've printed it in a transparent green because I didn't want to cover the red lines on the plate in case I still need to cut and I can see I do...the monk on the left is supposed to be holding a snake. There is so much detail around him that he's hard to see. I think I will carve very thin white line around the snake so it jumps out a little. also the letter t in the title at the bottom disappears into the detail above it. I will carve just a little of the detail away from the "t" so that we see it more.

Now once I've printed my color plate (later today) I will carve away all of the sky, mountains and ocean in the background. Also the dark tiles will go away. I plan on printing those red so there will be no need to leave them in the keyline once I have the color plates carved. I will leave all the wood in the keyline until I have carved and proofed all the color plates. This is in case the registration turns out to be off or I don't like one of the color plates or I decide to add another color or for whatever reason I need/choose to carve an new one.

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