Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tarot Update

Priestess test with brownish lines stenciled in the library. think I will add another line in the upper left where it's a bit empty. I think a grayish violet would also work best in here to get a little contrast with the golden shades. Also think I will dry stencil just a little white in the library ceiling.

Emperor with chromatic gray glaze to mute the background. Used a stencil for this. The experiment with the cut marks didn't work as planned but I think I will try it on the press and make some plain keylines just to try and push the envelope a little. Although I wont experiment/mess with the plates until I've done an edition of these first.

I thought the firsts tests with the glaze were to light and tried variations of the glaze with more and more pigment. I like the darkest one best. We'll see what the adviser thinks...I also put gold on the sword and in some of the above in the turtle, the crown and/or the sceptor. there are touches of blue in the globe as well. I prefer last emperor with the dark background with only a little blue in the globe and gold in the sword.

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