Thursday, May 28, 2009

Screening of "Drag Me to Hell"

Sac Horror Film Fest Screening of
"Drag Me to Hell"

Saw Drag Me to Hell on Tuesday night thanks to free passes from the Sacramento Horror Film Festival. I loved it! It was campy dark humor with a few moments of suspense only a little gore. It also kept you guessing as there were times when they did the predictable and times when you expected something predictable that didn't happen...It was only a little scary and a lof of fun.

It's tame enough to take a preteen or older child to see. A sensitive kid or younger then 8 might get nightmares. I don't remember any swearing in it and the sex was tamer than prime time. It reminded me of the campy late night horror flicks I was hooked on as a kid. Remember those weekend shows with a host that wore halloween makeup and a tuxedo who told corny morbid jokes before and after commercial breaks...that's the kind of horror flick I love.

Don't care for the carnage filled ax murder or brain eating zombie flicks. And sorry Rob Zombie -- I know what you do is also campy dark humored art but its too gross with creepy inbred characters that remind me too too much of some of the backwoods stereotypes I ran into in Alabama...House of 1000 Corpses gave me psychologically disturbing dreams for days (no nightmares, its not as scary as The Thing Under the Stairs [nothing but mouth full of all those sharp F'in' teeth!])

Drag me to Hell doesn't pretend to be high art, its just good ol' fashioned B movie fun that goes great with a big bucket of greasy popcorn and large coke spiked with the Captian that fit nicely in my pocketbook...

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