Friday, May 01, 2009

Two new paintings

"Diana & Friend" based on the "Different Strokes" photo for the week 31-39 challenge. Didn't get it turned in on time but that's ok, at least I did it. Think I'll do a little taming in the top third of the left side...

Really like how he turned out. It's not even the way I had it in my head to do when I started. I envisioned this in soft violets, pinks and baby blue...I even mixed a baby pink to paint the flesh of this old white guy; but for some reason and without a thought as I was about to place that first pink stroke I grabbed the tub of cadmium red deep and dunked the pink tipped chip brush right in...Funny how our paintings decide for themselves what they will be...I guess the old white guy had more inside of him that he needed me to express in his outside. I think I'll call him "Harlequin."

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Georgina said...

I really like this painting. I agree that paintings often decide for themselves what they will be!