Saturday, May 09, 2009

Zen Painting at the Alley Arts Festival

I'm thinking I will do a zen painting at tonight's event.

my zen paintings started out as an 18" x 24" drip/splatter painting on paper. I cut that painting into .5 x1" and 1x1" pieces and tossed the pieces into a jar. Occasionally I will pull one of the pieces out of the "Zen Jar" and blow it up into a much larger art work. Either I will paint it on large sheets of paper (36 x40") or carve woodcut plates. The images in this blog are examples of works I've done over the years from "Zen Jar."

Come see me tonight while I work on a new Zen Painting

Tonight 6-10 PM


Live Latin Jazz Music with:

Nagual Quartet,
La Sociedad Cafe,
and Atapaz

AND 10 Fine Artists
1 of whom is ME
On the huge parking lot in the ALLEY between:
18/19 & I/J Sts. in Midtown, Sacramento, CA

behind: 1812 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
Come enjoy this special FREE pre-Mothers Day event one block from the bustle of 15,000 attendees of the epicenter of the ArtWalk.

Look for the ALLEY ARTS FESTIVAL signages on the corners of the block for a great find!!

AND Great Arts Fun!!!

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