Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alley Arts Festival

Poetry and Jazz
22 x 28" Acrylic Painting on canvas board
publicly painted last night at the Alley Arts Festival.

Alley Arts Festival last night was too much coolness! It was way too much fun slinging paint around while beat poets and jazz musicians grooved not 20 feet away from me. One of the musicians told me I inspired her performance. I had about as much fun last night as one can have in public without chemical enhancements...

In other news, I turned 50 last week -- I survived a whole half a century!!! To celebrate this momentous milestone I'm going to give a 50% discount on all sales of my artwork for the rest of the month of June to anyone who asks for it. Just send me an email with "Happy Birthday Sale" in the subject line. Tell me the title of the work you want and your name in the email. I will then send you a private URL where you can purchase the artwork at 50% of the listed price.

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