Saturday, August 08, 2009

2nd Saturday Art Walk

Well I wont be @ Alley Arts Festival Today...thought the cold Hubby came down with last week was the same one I had in Tennessee...nope last night the soul rattling sneezes came...this morn my head is thick with ick. Don't feel up to hours on my feet painting, even if it is to live music & I don't care to share this misery with anyone. I'll just have to wait for next 2nd Saturday to paint to live music.

oh don't let my lack of presence dissuade you from attending the 2nd Saturday art events in Sacramento. if you were planning to attend do so still! Even without me its still very cool and the Alley Arts Festival is a lot of fun. Also there will be lots of other galleries with art and music all within walking distance in downtown Sacramento--all of it free to attend so go go go!

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