Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Lovers Keyline in Progress

The lovers keyline block in progress. You can click on the image to see the original file and see details better. Click your browser's back icon to get back to this blog.

Below are photos taken by Rachel Stonecipher of Carol Wagner, my mentor and fellow member. The photos were taken about a month before Carol passed away.

In the above photo Carol is binding one of an edition of books we collaborated on. You can see the pages I created for the book in the following blogs:

Autmn Follies The first five spreads and Autmn Follies

In the photo above Carol and I were visiting an retrospective exhibit of our friend Alice Fong's life works at the museum of the Chinese Historical Society of America in San Francisco.

Yeah that's me looking coy...
The acordian book behind me was made by Alice Fong also that is not wallpaper on the wall behind me, its one of Alice's works, I believe its a large monoprint. Let me check the catalog...
...actually it's a 30" x 72" acrylic painting on canvas titled "Late Late Bloomers."

The book is 9"x36"x6." It's titled Chinese Zodiac Animals and is Serigraphy (silkscreen) and collage on Rives BFK fine art paper.

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Annie B said...

The bride is lovely!

Beautiful photos of you and Carol.