Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lovers, Choppers and a Community Painting

Bursts of Activity

The community painting created at the Alley Arts Festival this weekend. At first it was hard to get someone to pick up a brush and contribute to this painting but once the first person started dabbing others started painting into it as well.

Visitors age 2-92 at the Alley Arts Festival took part and made their marks.

"Strange Fruit" the digital sketch for a mixed media print project. I'll relief print the treeline and skeleton atop the chine colle'd moon that will be fused to dark blue fine art printmaking paper.

The Keyline for The Lovers. The next step is to transfer the keyline to 3 or 4 "Shina" plywood for the color plates.

This is my digital sketch for the next card in the series The Chariot.

Video of the Alley Arts Community Painting. Can you spot the chicken in the brush?

The photo above is from my other blog about my biggest distractions to art making:

Life Outside the Studio Window

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