Monday, December 13, 2010

Phenomenon: Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere Rabbits...

"It's just a rabbit" 8x8" mixed media collage on canvas panel

"Its Just a Rabbit" sketch for barenforum exchange print

"Its Just a Rabbit" kind of where I'm going with this but I'm not happy with the flourishes. still playing around with the composition. I intend to woodcut print this for an exchange with other artist and then use the keyline plate for my year of the rabbit new years cards. I'll split it into thirds and get three new years cards per pressing...

While cleaning up old files I came across this drawing that I based a woodcut print off of back in the early 1990s. I traced it to start a mixed media collage. Since this drawing is on tracing paper I'm thinking that it would be great to put into an encaustic painting. The transparencies of the paper and wax mediums will work together beautifully. I just have to get over to the art supply store and purchase a clayboard painting panel for my substrate.

"Beep Beep Ritchie!" 12x12" gallery wrapped canvas mixed media collage (in progress)
This is no where near done. This is simply a painted canvas with the cut papers collaged onto the surface. I've yet to got into it with sharpie markers to give it detail and I'm going to put some red hologram paper into the pupils. thinking of layering some more of the orange paper into the hair to give it some dimension and i will be using a dense acrylic medium in the teeth to make them appear to come out of mouth. May also work on the background a little more too.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Illustration Friday: Burning

This weeks illustration challenge for Illustration Friday is Burning. I think the above artwork is a fine illustration of the theme! This work was one of 4 woodcut images printed atop digital printouts that were then tipped into editioned books. The accompanying book text for this image is ""How About a Little Fire Scarecrow!" ~Wicked Witch of the West"

First I created a collage of digital imagery

Then I created a woodblock printing plate
Then I blurred the digital collage in photoshop to give it a watercolor painting effect. I printed the digital collage on fine mulberry paper from my canon printer. I then hand printed the woodblock plate on top of the digital printouts. I did an edition of 10 for hardbound books sewn by my late mentor Carol Wagner. I also did an edition of 4 printed on masa paper that were sewn into soft bound books by me. The other three images I created have been printed on 8.5x11" 100% cotton rag in editions of 25 for framing. This one is ready for me to print the edition suitable for framing.

See my blogs about this project at:

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Fun Printmaking Day at a Friends

Fun Day of Playing at a Friends Press

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Last Wednesday I had a fun day hanging out with fellow printmaker and friend Carrie Markel in her studio. She has a large press that she inherited from another friend, peer and Matrix member Char Sylvesri. The press was built by a shipmaker...remind me the next time to take my camera and shoot it.... I did the drawing above several months ago while in the throws of a fever. I didn't bring it with me but since the composition is uncomplicated I was able to work from memory in the following monoprints.

This was the first monoprint that I made. Unfortunately the paper slipped as I was registering. No biggy, I simply worked from the residual pigment to repaint the plexiglass printing plate and make following two...

This is the second one done using the residual pigment image as a matrix for this and the following print. I painted the background then used a q-tip and the tip of the paintbrush handle to remove paint for the skeleton and her reflection.

I really like the second image but felt that a little yellowing of the bones would help the skeleton pop from the violet background. As could be predicted the use of complimentary yellow theory was right on...

The images are approximately 15x22" on Rives BFK, one sheet of white and two sheets of brown. The medium is createx monoprint base mixed with createx pigment dispersions. Some of the line work was done by dipping Aquarell Watercolor Stix into the monoprint base then drawing onto the plate. The signature watermark does not appear on the original prints.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Compilation of digital collages

Art Therapist Lisa Mitchell writes a regular web newsletter called Beyond Words ( The current issue addresses making in increments between all the practical stuff we do in life. In the article she asks the reader to consider their own increments. I thought it would be fun to ask my own peers, friends and followers to comment about their increments...thank you Lisa for this great way to realize our accomplishments!

  1. "Identify something that you have done bit-by-bit over time. It could be handwork, painting, drawing, collecting, growing, writing, etc. Visit your accumulation by setting some of it out in a private gallery viewing. Make a slide show of this work, or share it with someone you trust. In the most positive and compassionate way, celebrate the commitment and endurance that this collection reflects."

I will post my own examples below. Please feel free to comment about your increments!

My education has been a project of almost 30 years. I started in the '80, taking a class here and a class there...with interruptions like basic training, marriage, parenting and just plain making a living. December 2009 I finally earned a master's in fine art. But it doesn't stop here. I intend to keep learning and taking classes, my next goal...Art Therapy certification...

The images in this post represent the first increment of a life work. I started this project in July of 2007 when I submitted my thesis proposal. These images are prints and proof that made up my master's thesis. I plan to eventually complete an entire hand printed tarot deck.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Upcoming Exhibit and the New Do

Gallery U20 exhibit opening reception this Saturday. Will be demonstrating printmaking at the site tomorrow June 10.

Before picture taken in April 2010 & After picture taken in June 2010

The ponytail I will be donating to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Last time I did this was in 2008, that's about how long it took to grow it out long enough to cut for donation again. Pantene requires 8 inches I had Shellie at Streaks Studio cut off between 10-11". this left a chin length bob for her to work with for a cute pixie haircut. Now I look like the mom in 1950's sitcom -- I'm just grateful I don't look like I just turned 51!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


sorry I've been quiet, those of you who've known me a few years know I sometimes tend to hibernate...still hibernating...don't worry, I'll be back before you know it...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Peace Love and Pit Bulls Art Show

The large 36x46" mixed media painting will be showing in the above fundraiser exhibit. I've also been working on other ideas for the above exhibit. first i did some sketches of photos my son's dog one as a puppy and another as a a big dog.

Bubba da Beast - careful he just may lick ya ta death...

Then a friend said she loved the pics but wanted me to do one of her bully Lexi. So I worked with a photo of Lexi in a pink parka. First I sketched it, then I did a collage onto a 12"x12" canvas and added details with marker and acrylic paints. I'll be contributing the canvas to the fundraiser.

the above Snow Bully ACEO is a tiny mixed media collage
I just listed it in my etsy shop:

I also plan on using the Snow Bully painting to shoot silkscreen positives for playing around with my new YUDO silkscreening system. But today I'm going to experiment with the sketches to try my hand at encaustic monoprinting...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two Art Shows Coming Up but will I be there?

I have works in two exhibits opening this weekend; I hope to be dividing my time between the two Galleries on Saturday evening. I've got a severe cold and ear infection, I'm not very confident that I'll be well enough to be running around town by Saturday. We'll see, if my bent twig Megan is up to doing the driving I may be able to handle it.

Speaking of Bent Twigs (how's that for a segue) one of the exhibits titled "Bent Twigs" is a show in which up and coming artists works will show along side works by an established artist that mentored them. The above encaustic painting will be hung with two more of my works on the same wall as three of my bent twig Megan Robinson's works.

the above painting by Megan Robinson is showing in the bent twigs exhibit at the Vox Gallery

A large body of my works form the Zen Series will be on display at the U20 Gallery this month as well. I'm quite honored to be represented in this gallery incarnation of the "Bridge to Arts" organization. Bridge to Arts promises to be a significant influence in support of the arts in Sacramento.

the above painting titled "Cerberus" is from my Zen Series of artworks created by the universe... It will be exhibited with a large body of other works from the series.

I donated the above silkscreen print to a silent charity auction that will be held at the Vox Gallery this Saturday. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the National Transplant Assistance Fund.

Dr. Atl and Lady Liberty
Original Silk Screen Print
18 x 24" monoprint silkscreen on white Stonehenge paper. Edition of 15.
This is print number 15 of 15.

Dr. Atl waxes philosophic with Lady Liberty in the Library of the Americas in this postmortem collaboration. The positive for this print was drawn by my late mentor Carol Gilbert-Wagner. It was in preparation for an edition of prints of imagery from her large painting "Conversations with Liberty."

Carol had given me the positive on mylar to take home and said when she was feeling better she would come over and the two of us would pull an edition of silkscreen prints from it. She never did feel better; a few weeks later she left us for the grandest adventure of all.

I went ahead and burned a screen with Carol's positive and printed it over my own abstract silkscreen monoprints. The abstract
background colors are different in every print.

To honor Carol anytime I offer one of these prints for sale the proceeds will go toward a charity.

if you can't make the auction one of the prints may be purchased from my shop ( where half the proceeds will benefit one of Carol's favorite charities "The Maitreya Project."

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Austin Phare Art

Untitled Calaca, Mixed Media Collage, Sold

Check out the blog I started for my 6 year old Grandson Austin.
Austin Phare Art (

in this first blog we talk about his first art exhibit and his first art sales with images of his work.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Now What...

Did my final review for the MFA (master's in fine art degree) in December. The degree was awarded. I presented the following 8 cards and several recent derivative works.

Buzzed 36x48" Mixed Media Encaustic Painting (unfinished)

Calaca 2009 8.5x8.5" Collagraph Plate

Magus II 16x20" Mixed Media Encaustic Painting

Foolish Mandala 36x48" Mixed Media Acrylic Painting

this is by no means the end. I intended this project to be the beginning of a life work. Really -- there are 78 cards in a tarot deck, there is no way I could complete that in a year and a half! I do intend to complete 10 editions of 78 cards! In the next few month I plan to re-work the fool and the magus while I research and design the rest of the major arcana. I also plan to continue creating derivative works. And of course its time to start looking for my first teaching position...

And just to reassure you followers of this project -- the design for strength and a quicky sketch of my first visualization of the hermit...