Thursday, April 22, 2010

Peace Love and Pit Bulls Art Show

The large 36x46" mixed media painting will be showing in the above fundraiser exhibit. I've also been working on other ideas for the above exhibit. first i did some sketches of photos my son's dog one as a puppy and another as a a big dog.

Bubba da Beast - careful he just may lick ya ta death...

Then a friend said she loved the pics but wanted me to do one of her bully Lexi. So I worked with a photo of Lexi in a pink parka. First I sketched it, then I did a collage onto a 12"x12" canvas and added details with marker and acrylic paints. I'll be contributing the canvas to the fundraiser.

the above Snow Bully ACEO is a tiny mixed media collage
I just listed it in my etsy shop:

I also plan on using the Snow Bully painting to shoot silkscreen positives for playing around with my new YUDO silkscreening system. But today I'm going to experiment with the sketches to try my hand at encaustic monoprinting...