Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Compilation of digital collages

Art Therapist Lisa Mitchell writes a regular web newsletter called Beyond Words ( The current issue addresses making in increments between all the practical stuff we do in life. In the article she asks the reader to consider their own increments. I thought it would be fun to ask my own peers, friends and followers to comment about their increments...thank you Lisa for this great way to realize our accomplishments!

  1. "Identify something that you have done bit-by-bit over time. It could be handwork, painting, drawing, collecting, growing, writing, etc. Visit your accumulation by setting some of it out in a private gallery viewing. Make a slide show of this work, or share it with someone you trust. In the most positive and compassionate way, celebrate the commitment and endurance that this collection reflects."

I will post my own examples below. Please feel free to comment about your increments!

My education has been a project of almost 30 years. I started in the '80, taking a class here and a class there...with interruptions like basic training, marriage, parenting and just plain making a living. December 2009 I finally earned a master's in fine art. But it doesn't stop here. I intend to keep learning and taking classes, my next goal...Art Therapy certification...

The images in this post represent the first increment of a life work. I started this project in July of 2007 when I submitted my thesis proposal. These images are prints and proof that made up my master's thesis. I plan to eventually complete an entire hand printed tarot deck.

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