Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Illustration Friday: Burning

This weeks illustration challenge for Illustration Friday is Burning. I think the above artwork is a fine illustration of the theme! This work was one of 4 woodcut images printed atop digital printouts that were then tipped into editioned books. The accompanying book text for this image is ""How About a Little Fire Scarecrow!" ~Wicked Witch of the West"

First I created a collage of digital imagery

Then I created a woodblock printing plate
Then I blurred the digital collage in photoshop to give it a watercolor painting effect. I printed the digital collage on fine mulberry paper from my canon printer. I then hand printed the woodblock plate on top of the digital printouts. I did an edition of 10 for hardbound books sewn by my late mentor Carol Wagner. I also did an edition of 4 printed on masa paper that were sewn into soft bound books by me. The other three images I created have been printed on 8.5x11" 100% cotton rag in editions of 25 for framing. This one is ready for me to print the edition suitable for framing.

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Linda said...

Beautifu work! And also really helpful. Im just starting a project at school in printmaking. Linocuts and woodcuts. :)

Coreopsis said...

Wow! Great image! I like the woodcut all by itself, but printed over the other image....very powerful.

Annie B said...

Nice effect.

Ellen Shipley said...

I like your process. Thanx for posting the sequence. The finished piece is wonderful.