Thursday, June 09, 2011

Tarot Stream of Conciousness

started working on stream of consciousness studies of some tarot decks in preparation of designing the entire deck rather than one card at a time.  Well I can only design one card at a time...what I mean is I will study all the cards then design the entire deck and then start carving and printing the physical cards.  

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I studied the Morgan-Greer Tarot deck in May.  I'll start posting my research within my personal metaphysical studies blog here:  

And I'm currently studying the Universal Waite deck.  

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I think the next one I'll work with will be the Osho Zen deck 

 and then I'll tackle the Thoth deck. 

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The Thoth deck is so complex and rich in archetypes that I will need to give it more time to understand my reactions to it.   It does give a lot of people feelings of unease, and it did so for me at first.  Now when I handle the deck it just makes my forehead itch... I've worked with the traditional symbolism in the classic Coleman-Waite deck for so long I already have an understanding of my reactions to the archetypes but the Osho Zen and the Thoth decks are a whole ball game; or should I say card game...that's why I save them for last.

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