Sunday, April 27, 2014

BarenForem Exchange 60 prints.

This weekend I printed an edition of block prints for a print exchange.  I'll be exchanging block prints with 30 other artists from throughout the world.  I try to participate in at least one exchange per year.  On a cold rainy day when I print indoors I set up on kitchen counter.  The counter's at just the right height to stand up and print. 

this is my test proof using Graphic Chemical water soluble ink on resume quality bond paper.  The lines were crisp and sharp and would have printed beautifully on the Reeves BFK light paper that I had planned to use.  But the ink would have taken too long to dry in the rainy weather we had this weekend.  So I decided to print them using the Japanese Hanga Technique.

This is result printing Japanese Hanga style.  I used Createx Burnt Sienna pure pigment mixed with rice paste and printed atop Black Ink's unbleached mulberry block printing paper.  I don't think this paper was sized so even on the smooth side the medium was absorbed into the paper, blurring the lines.

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