Friday, May 23, 2014

Universe: an Illustration Friday Submission

I wonder if tonight's "brand new" meteor shower is the inspiration for for this week's Illustration Friday challenge theme?

No matter, I immediately thought of "Foolish Mandala" a mixed media painting I did several years ago.  "Foolish Mandala" was inspired by the first card in a Tarot Deck, The Fool.
In the tarot card the subject is a youth with head in clouds ignoring the little dog that tries to keep him from stepping off a cliff.
I'm working on hand woodcut printing my own tarot deck and had developed several sketches.  Foolish Mandala is a derivative work from those sketches.  I wanted to convey the concept of taking a leap of faith with the fool having stepped off the cliff into the unknown-the void...  In my image I tried to create a paradoxical he falling away from the viewer or stepping out of the void toward the viewer?

You can view other artist's illustrations of the concept of Universe in the "Illustration Friday" website at:

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