Monday, March 23, 2015

March Nibblefest Flowers

March Nibblefest Art Contest Entries

This month's theme for Nibblefest Art Contest is Flowers I was not inspired at first but over the weekend I was cleaning up and decided to toss out my Valentine bouquet but Lo...there was one hydrangea bloom that was still going strong so I put it into my depression glass hand me down bud vase and it just looked so awesome -- that big giant puff of pink -- that I decided to draw it for Nibblefest.

The Palest Pink Puff  original photo and original mixed media artwork

Well the cleaning out of the vase of spent Valentine flowers was to accommodate my Ostara bouquet.  


And I figured since I was on a roll making the Pink Puff that I may as well keep going and make some more art inspired by the new bouquet.


Nibblefest Art Contest, is a themed art contest beginning on the 20th of each month and runs through the 27th.  Please be sure to search for NFAC in ebay to see a whole lot of awesome artworks, by a large variety of great artists. Each artwork has a listing price starting at just 99 cents!