Saturday, October 08, 2016

Art On the Rocks for IF

The topic for Illustration Friday this week is "ice" I thought I'd do an illustration in ink to kill two birds with one drawing...
Art On the Rocks
Ink wash & marker on repurposed food packaging.

This is also my day 7 ink drawing for Inktober, a daily drawing in ink challenge for the month of October.

My Inktober tools
Last week's Inktober drawings
Day 1 theme "return from the dead"
 Day 2 theme "carnival creeps"
 The Dread Pirate Roberts, day 3
Hungry for a Dagwood, Day 4
 Day 6 urban legends
 Day 5, I made it a birthday card for a friend
You Look Fabulous Dawlin' 
And then I painted it on a velvet bag to enclose her gift of The Fountain Tarot

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