Friday, October 28, 2016

INKTOBER 2016 DAY 8-21

My studio assistant, The Dread Pirate Roberts (Wesley for short) helps me select the right brush...

Some more Inktober 2016 drawings from day 8 to day 21; after that I haven't been able to draw because the house has been under remodeling.  Hard to keep your tools and artwork clean when there's drywall dust flying all over the house.  Oh and blocking areas off is of no avail...not only was the kitchen blocked off and the dust still eked through but dust even got on dishes in closed cabinets! Anyway here's a bunch of pictures I made before construction began...

 Day 8 Prompt Rock

 Day 9 Prompt Monkey

Day 10 Prompt Jump

 Day 11 Prompt Hand of Doom

 Day 12 Prompt Squeaky Toy

Day 13 Prompt Mammal with Reptile Features

 Day 14 Prompt BearCat

 Day 15 Prompt Harvest

Day 16 Prompt Magic Wand

 Day 17 Prompt The crystal ball glowed with an inner light

Day 18 Prompt Eyeball Tree

Day 19 Prompt Butterfly Man

 Day 20 Prompt Bones

 Day 21 Prompt Hell Beast

I found a cool website for generating drawing prompts:

This is where I got most of the prompts for drawing ideas.

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